The concept began with the first painting where Ming Dynasty tourists were added to a landscape painting taking selfies. The original painting was in a Chinese Restaurant where the Italian decor of the prior restaurant was kept intact. Each painting has an instagram story written from the perspective of the subjects and can be read on instagram at @jessicalingfindley

Some of these paintings are currently available for sale.  Commissions for portraits of your choice on an existing painting may also be made. Inquire with j@sonicribbon.com for prices and dimensions.

Medium: acrylic on mixed medium




Mytheotypes are a lenticular photographic portrait series of stereotype of a culture interlaced with a mythological creatures from the same culture. The same textiles are used in both costumes.

MEDIUM: Lenticular photography. Prints animate when one walks past.
COLLABORATORS Jason Findley, photography, Winnie Ling, model & production, Scott Findley lighting.

The images above are a portrait of a Hong Kong Grandmother, who labors well into her years and is transformed into the Mother of Dragons 龍母, Long Mu. Long Mu raised 5 snakes that turned into dragons. In return for her love dragons would help bring rain to her village.

The portrait below is of a model, who has Mexican and Swiss roots. We decided to portray a Coyote who clandestinely guides people over the border and a Coyote spirit, Huehuecoyotl,  who is known as a trickster who teaches through pranks. “Stories derived from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis make him a benign prankster, whose tricks are often played on other gods or even humans but tended to backfire and cause more trouble for himself than the intended victims.”  Our world is rendered disjointed by borders are we create. Perhaps the coyote’s trick/lesson learn how to have compassion for all in these divisive times.

Aeolain Ride

A mass bicycle ride of 50 people, where riders wear suits which inflate as they ride. There are 3 costume types – the bunny the bubble and the drop. Originally made as a public art antidote to 911 blues. Get involved.

Artist Statement

Jessica Ling Findley creates work inspired by the impossible.  By creating playful perspective altering opportunities for engagement  invites us to explore wonder as the final frontier.

This page shows selected works by Jessica Ling Findley. For an extended portfolio archive visit sonicribbon